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Fine structure of the kinetochore....jpg

Fine structure of the kinetochore and of the arms and its bearing on chromosome organization / by A. Lima-de-Faria

AUTHOR(S): Faria, A. Lima de, 1921-

PUBLICATION: Lund: Berlingska Boktryckeriet, 1956

PHYSICAL DESC.: 7 p. ; 24 cm

NOTES: List of works published by A. Lima-de-Faria: pp. 6-7
By due permission of the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Lund to be publicly defended in english in the lecture hall , May 9th, 1956, at 10 A .M., for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

TEMA: Física

SUBJECTS: Biologia celularCromossomasTese de doutoramento -- filosofia -- 1956

CDU: 576.31(043)

DATA PUB.: 1956

TIPOREG: Material Textual Impresso


DOCUMENTO(S): Fine structure of the kinetochore....jpg

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